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About me

Kumneger Mesafint (KEMI) was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He was raised by a single mother and never knew his father. It was so hard for the family because his mom only had an eight grade education. Yet, through the rusty iron sheets shone rays of light, which were symbolic of the hope that his enrolment at a Child Development Center from Compassion represented. KEMI joined the Leadership Development Program in 2008 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Animal Science, Agriculture) in 2010. It was a groundbreaking occasion– Kemi was the only child for his mother and he was able to join university even though no one showed him how to do it. He lost his mother when he was 17 years old and life got tough after that. He was not destructed by the life circumstances but excelled in what he believed he could accomplish. He was not only assured of uninterrupted access to higher education, but this also confirmed that years of growing up in poverty, and rummaging through piles of life’s uncertainties, didn’t reduce his worth‐ it was a small step in the grand scheme of things!

The greatest gift that life gave to Kemi, he says, was having to hear about Jesus Christ. He accepted Christ as his personal Saviour. He says, he over come the lies of poverty. It told him that he can’t do better things, he ultimatly won the battle and able to aspire to do more.
For the last 9 years, Kemi has worked in different roles within Compassion; from Translator, Sponsor Donor Services Associate, and currently, in Supporter engagement, as Tour and Visit Specialist for the last ten years.

Kemi is a talented Hiphop artist in Ethiopia. They call him the pioneer because his album was the first Gospel Rap album in the country. He has two debuted albums. Kemi has reigned over hip-hop since graduation from University,as a ministry calling from God. He is now married and has two girls, a six years old and one year old. Kemi is deeply thankful to the step of faith taken by his friends to support him for years while he was in leadership training. They visited him several times and its a strong family bond that he could ever get from God. He is grateful for all the people around him and all those that plugged in to release him from hardship in Jesus’ Name!

Kemi is a Gospel Rapper based in Ethiopia with two debuted albums and a host to a TV show called – “Butterfly Nation”. Make sure you subscribe and comment on the video to let us know what you think and pray for us!!

Kemi in the Netherlands